Launch Solar Dynamic Digital Portal

In a grand event at the Hotel Clark’s Amer Rajasthan Solar Association unveiled its inventive Dynamic Digital Portal & News Letter for the General Public and RSA’s Eminent Members & Associates. RSA President Sunil Bansal said this development is being crafted for doing solar business across the state easily & smoothly by RSA Members and the General Public. RCTSL CMD Ajitabh Sharma appreciated RSA’s efforts by evolving this Dynamic Digital Portal which is being designed in such a way to cater the 360° requirements of the Solar Industry be it a search for a vendor to get your Rooftop Installation, Finding a suitable job or an apt Mentor and above all interestingly with RSA rating for all your requirements. He also said this should be earmarked as a self-speaking portal. RCTSL CMD Ajitabh Sharma also said the Policy makers and the state government after monitoring & evaluation also wants change in policies to make it investor friendly. And on the digital newsletter he wanted RSA to carry on with the comparison of other state solar policies and should connect with the state government to bring in changes in the policies to make it more attractive. He looking at the ever increasing demand for the electricity also alerted the stakeholders present that very soon the generation & distribution of renewable energy will be facing heavy challenges which will not be stopped neither by the Discoms nor by the stakeholders. And the EV adoptions are going to be in large quantity which certainly needs to be managed with Electricity Power System Management. He further added that the state government should also address pin-pointed precise issues and should act as a catalyst to do solar business in the state without any disruption. He on the tariff queries from the audience said determination of tariff is totally a different ball game hence Utility scale & Distributed generation cannot be compared. This grand event is being attended by the entire team of the distinguished Executive Members, Office Bearers and RSA’s Eminent Members & Associates. During the event RSA Members were also been provided with the RSA Membership Certificate who were physically present and for the rest RSA officials assured to send the Membership Certificate by Speed post or Courier. RSA at this auspicious occasion also released its Digital News Letter and the content includes RRECL Chairman T.Ravikant and MD Anil Dhakha personal interviews on the solar development in the state. RSA President Sunil Bansal, Vice President Ramakant Jangid and Executive Members Anil Saboo, Alok Verma, Vivek Kodesia and Ashu Gupta also extended their contribution with their editorial inputs. Renew Power & Corona Soltech acknowledged this initiative with their advertisements in the newsletter. RSA targeting Rs.36K Crore solar components business was highlighted relating the recent meeting hosted by RRECL between RSA, Stakeholders and MSME manufacturing units in the state. The event ended with high tea hosting and everyone who attended the event appreciated the RSA efforts in taking the Solar Industries of the state to the next level with an extensive support being extended by the nodal agency RRECL.