Solar component business will grow

The Energy Nodal Agency RRECL successfully conducted a meeting with the Stakeholders and MSME Equipment’s & BoS Manufacturing units to understand the issues & Challenges for the promotion of Balance of Systems – BoS initiated through the Chairman Mr.T.Ravikant, IAS. The idea behind the initiative is to promote manufacturing of Solar Components in the state and to identify the issues & Challenges as to why the state energy developers should go to other states for their need rather they should buy from the manufacturers available in the state which will encourage MSME Units and will also attract investors from the country as well as from across the globe. The meeting was attended by the RREC Managing Director Mr.Anil Dhaka, CII Rajasthan Representative, and Office bearers of Rajasthan Solar Association, Members and the MSME Units invited by the RSA. RRECL Chairman Mr.T.Ravikant said from the records Rajasthan in 2021-22 approximately 5000 MW worth projects were commissioned and if 15% of BoS is bought from MSME’s in Rajasthan another 3000 Crore investments can be expected in the state. RSA President Mr. Sunil Bansal tossed the idea that if the developers are directed to buy certain percentage of BoS from the state manufacturing units then the MSME units will be empowered besides sizable revenue generation to the state government by way of taxes & levies which is now going to the other states. RSA Senior Vice President & State Head Renew Power Mr. Manoj Gupta said the BoS consisting of various items ranging from Mounting Structures, Fasteners, Connectors, Cable, Meters, MCB and Isolators which shares about 30% of the solar plant cost. Mr. Ashu Gupta Head Regulatory & Government Relation – Clean Max, Executive Member RSA Said that his company having head quarter at Mumbai are directly placing their requirements directly from their empaneled vendors and are not able to reach to Rajasthan suppliers. RSA Vice President Mr. Ramakant Jangid said in order to achieve the RE Target of 500 GW by 2030 set by the Government of India more & more energy developers will be setting up solar plants in the state and the revenue generation for the state will also grow accordingly. Spanish Company Solar Packs said because of the non-visibility of local suppliers the company was not able to reach them and wanted RSA to increase the visibility of the MSME Units. Mr. Samarth from Raydean Industries and Rajasthan Cables said they were able to supply structures & Connectors but were not able to maintain their connectivity with the developers.