Solar software industry got radical developments to increase productivity and ease of use leading to top going businesses and proving boon for solar industry

RSA received a superb response by 60+ attendees who joined this webinar. The speakers were very well prepared and provided useful insights on current solar Software’s available & industry trends. There is a great market of solar software in India and latest software are focusing on creating a complete ‘eco-system’ for solar right from receiving customer leads to location selection to project designing, management to solar installation and O & M thereafter. These Software’s provide 360 degree solutions to needs of solar industry and is providing now one stop solution for all solar project development and O&M needs.
Speakers in this webinar from Eminent Software Companies were:
1. Mr. Amit Thussu (Solar Labs) has very popular and leading design & sales software which are quite easy to use and provide stress-free solution.
2. Ms. Niyati Bhat ( Zoho CRM) provided inputs that their products is providing all-in-one CRM solution which connects sales, marketing and service teams on a single platform.
3. Mr. Sanjay Dabur (Enact Systems Inc.) updated that their software can provide 50% cost reduction through their design + management software. And the software is highly competent
4. Mr. Pushkar Gaikwad (FuzenApps Solutions) is providing software which is simple yet highly customizable and easily integrating with existing user apps / software and eases CRM & project management process all over.
5. Mr. Abhishek Pillai (Solar Ladder) is providing complete end-to-end platform for solar developers, very quick & easy working for project management catering rooftop as well industrial segments –project execution, management and O&M all are seamlessly integrated. They are also providing finance option.
6. Mr. Ishu Tyagi (Code Urja) is providing industry specific customized software for whole solar project execution cycle.
7. Mr. Pulkit Dhingra (AHASolar) is providing thorough ‘eco-system’ for solar industry software needs which integrates solar software & market place. Also provides automated tools. All you have to provide site address and rest steps are highly automated.
Overall solar software companies are very enthusiastic to ease solar plant developing steps and taking industry automation to next level.