RSA & German Solar Industry Association come together for benefit of state solar MSMEs

Rajasthan Solar Association (RSA) organized an on-line meeting with German Solar Industry Association on “To Discuss Workings and future perspective of solar industry in Germany for Indian MSMEs”
Leading representatives from The German Solar Industry Association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft e.V. [BSW-Solar]) - Mr. Ronald Upmann & Mr. Ahmad Sandid from GIZ and Mr. Subrahmanyam Pulipaka from NSEFI joined the leading discussion panel.
Mr. Sunil Bansal, President welcomed them. RRECL Managing Director Mr. Anil Dhaka also joined the session. He appreciated our initiative and assured full support by state government for German solar industry for working in Rajasthan. He also elaborated that further mutual opportunities should explored in field of manufacturing as well as BoS products for MSMEs. State will benefit through this.
RSA received a superb response as leading manufacture Mr. Anil Saboo, Elektrolites and Mr. Vineet Mittal, Navitas Solar module manufacturer also joined the session along with other Industry leaders like Renew & Hindustan Zinc Limited.
Mr. Roland informed that there are lot many opportunities in all sectors of solar for Indian MSMEs as they have business requirements in Rooftop, Commercial & Industrial sectors and Large scale solar projects. They also have requirements for solar module manufactures & BoS products. New business models with cooperation of RSA and state government and German industry will be developed as they are going to support in all aspects related to solar industry.
RSA will plan soon to lead a delegation to Germany for exploring German solar market for state MSMEs as we will get benefitted from Different expertise of German Solar Industry (Technologies / way of implementation of Solar) as they are one of the top leaders in solar installation with 68000 MW installed. State economy is surely going to be benefitted from this advantage.