Growth of MSME Sector:-"Manufacturing of Solar Components

To achieve 25GW part of nation target 100GW, in the last one year Rajasthan government has collaborated with many private organisations to develop solar parks which can attract investments worth more than Rs. 1.50 lakh crores once fully operational. The capacity of these parks will be 26,000 MW cumulatively. The government has also signed MoUs with power developers like SunEdison, Adani Enterprises, Reliance Power and Azure Power for generating 14,000 MW solar power. The project will require an investment of about Rs. 85,000 crore.

It will generate almost 10,000 crore business for MSME sector of Rajasthan in next 3 years. It encourages small scale industries like manufacturing of solar power plant component like structures, manufacturing of modules, EVA sheets, transformers, cables etc. We import almost all components of solar power plant from other states or other country but we are number one in total installed capacity of solar power in India. In other word we can say we have maximum consumption but we have less local manufacturing units.

So, there is huge requirement of manufacturing in this sector like manufacturing of solar power plant component. Manufacturing sector will reduce the overall cost of the projects (as resources are locally procured) and it will generate revenue for local manufactures /MSMEs/ vendors. It will also provide employment to our youth. It is very big opportunity for progress of state. It will promote state economy and Rajasthan can emerge as leading developed state.