Solar Power in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a leading state in Solar Power generation. It has installed more than 1256.7 MW out of around 4680.8 MW all over India, the total installed capacity of India and it has achieved highest installed Solar Power capacity in India.

A Leader in Solar Development in India

1. Largest State of India Area – 3, 42,269 km2

2. One of the best solar radiation in the world - Solar radiation 6 -7 kWh/m2/ day

3. Maximum sunny days in an year- Greater than 325

4. Abundant underutilized flat land- Around 208,110 Km2 – 60% of total area

Solar Power Projects under various schemes

1. List of commissioned solar power projects in Rajasthan up to 30th November, 2015

2. List of solar power projects to be commissioned in Rajasthan in upcoming years