Rajasthan Open Access Summit

on 30th Oct 2015

Location: Hotel Hilton Jaipur

In a major initiative to increase awareness about potential benefit of solar energy to industrial ,captive & Other large scale customer , Rajasthan Solar Association (RSA) and National Solar Energy Federation of India (NSEFI) organized first "Rajasthan Open Access Summit " on 30th Oct 2015 at Hotel Hilton Jaipur . The summit was attended by RERC chairman Shri Vishvanath Hiremath , Mr B K Dosi , MD , RRECL &Mr Rakesh Kumar ,Director ,Solar Energy Corporation of India ( SECI) &Mr Dilip Nigam, Director , Ministry New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) & representative from RVPN & Discoms . There were also eminent representative from Solar, Cement, Textile, Handicraft, Garment and other Industries.

"In Rajasthan Industrial & commercial consumers are paying up to Rs 7.5-8.8 /Kwh to distribution companies and even this price is bound to increase by 8-10% every 2-3 year . During the last 4 year due to technological revolution and global participation, cost of solar power has reduced drastically from Rs 15Kwh to Rs 5.5 Kwh. Industrial and commercial customer can easily shift to solar power to save on their power tariff "Says Suman Kumar, President, Rajasthan Solar Association.

"The State of Rajasthan has achieved exemplary progress in the field of Solar Energy in the country - not only in terms of the solar capacity commissioned, but also by way of reduction in the Open Access charges to as much as 50%. This reduction in Open Access charges will be a game changer for the growth of solar energy in the country.The State is marching ahead and making its own contribution towards the national target of 100,000 MW by 2022. It is therefore but appropriate that we are holding this conference on Solar Open Access at Jaipur in Rajasthan. I am happy to note that in Rajasthan there are already success stories of open access & 3rd party sale ", said Mr. Pranav R. Mehta, Chairman, National Solar Energy Federation of India - NSEFI.

"Distribution companies in Rajasthan are already buying more power than their RPO commitments. Thus it is essential to develop inter-state open access framework to develop state as solar export hub. It is also imperative introduce banking for third party consumers & reduce Discoms wheeling charges & losses " commented Sunil Bansal , General Secretary , Rajasthan Solar Association.

"Though supreme court have already issued its landmark verdict to strictly comply Renewable Purchase Obligation commencing from 2007. RERC and further RREC have notified all Open Access Consumer and Captive power producer to adhere Renewable Power Obligation. Enforcement and penalization can only make effective realization of RPO targets mentioned till 2016-17. Solar Power Scheduling and Forecasting is also unresolved issue so far on practical ground." stressed by Rajeshwer Rajpurohit , Secretary – Rajasthan Solar Association.